Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Pando?

Pando is a physical device that enables you to record and understand the insights that will make your business more profitable. It is also the easiest way to control content on any screen.

How do I get started with Pando?

The easiest way is to checkout our pricing packages.

Each plan allows you to pick the features that are most important to you. Once you receive a device the setup is simple and quick.

Contact us for more information.

What comes with Pando?

  1. Pando Device - This is the sensor and controller for content
  2. Power Adapter - This provides the power need to run the Pando Device
  3. HDMI cable - This will display your Pando software
  4. USB WiFi Adapter - This allows you to connect to your WiFi network
  5. Keyboard - This is used as a remote to connect the Pando Device to your WiFi network
  6. Velcro Adhesive - Materials for securing your Pando Device to a surface like the back of your display

When should I purchase Pando?

Pando is the easiest way to begin monitoring the data that is most important to your business, it’s also the most reliable way to control digital content on your display. You should purchase a device when you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Is Pando compatible with all displays?

Yes.Pando can connect to any display with an HDMI port. Engage your audience with TVs to projectors and everything in between.

How much does Pando cost?

Pando packages start as low as $34 a month per device! Our package-based model is unique and allows you to pay only for the features you need. You can find more information about pricing here.

Pando devices are $200 per device with free shipping in the US, and unlimited warranty as long as your subscription is active.

Is there a free plan, or are there any special rates?

There’s no free plan for Pando, sorry! There are bulk discounts. If you have a unique project you’d like to discuss contact info@getpando.com to inquire.

How can I pay for Pando?

We accept all major credit cards for monthly payments.

We offer annual upfront payments for 10% off the month to month pricing.

Does Pando have a warranty?

Yes, Pando will replace your device at anytime as long as you have an active subscription.